The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s message in National Kurultai held in Turkestan, 2023 “We will establish close relations with our ethnic Kazakhs abroad and strengthen spiritual ties. This issue is under my control”, demonstrates the need to further improve the efficiency of the country’s relations with compatriots abroad.

The Forum invites not only ethnic Kazakhs but also natives or descendants of those who were born on the Kazakh land. In total, the Forum is planned to be attended by more than 300 people, of which around 200 are foreign delegates. Among them are heads and activists of foreign Kazakh cultural organisations, politicians, cultural, scientific, educational, media and business figures.

The event will be held in a seminar-forum format, where foreign compatriots will be presented with modern trends and new ideas in culture, creative industry, entrepreneurial and media spheres, as well as tell about the investment climate of the country. Within the framework of this forum, favourable conditions will be created for the heads of Kazakh cultural centres and domestic experts from different spheres to exchange experience, establish further cooperation and strengthen multilateral ties.

The purpose of the Forum is to discuss issues of mutual cooperation with Kazakh organizations abroad; familiarization with the state policy and political and economic reforms of the country at a new stage, as well as modern trends concerning national spirituality; Kazakhstan’s policy in support of Kazakhs abroad, ensuring Kazakh youth abroad to get quality education in Kazakhstan and realize their abilities, and also informing the ethnic Kazakhs about the support measures taken by the state.